Winter Dry Skin

Posted by Dry Skin Treatment on Oct 21, 2010

During winters, the humidity levels are extremely low. Therefore, the odds of developing dry, irritated and rashed skin is extremely high during winters. Given below are some of the things you can do to make your skin comfortable and smooth even during the harshest of the weather.

Firstly, using a humidifier is extremely important since more and more people are introducing heaters in their houses. These heaters and the closed windows in the houses can cause the air inside the house to remain dry. A humidifier helps to moisturize the air. You need not but an extremely costly humidifier. Get one form a local store and it should be fine.

Secondly, make sure your skin is always moisturized. Use oil-base moisturizer preferably. Some moisturizers have as much as 80% oil in it. Thus, the more oil the moisturizer contains the more effective it is. These moisturizers form a protective layer around the skin and help to keep it supple and smooth.

Sunscreens are not only to be used in summers. Even in winters the use of a high SPF sunscreen is important. Preferably try using SPF 30 or SPF 40. The sun is equally harsh in winters and therefore do not forget using a sunscreen before you step out.

Now it is difficult to use a moisturizer as well as a sunscreen both at the same time. Therefore you can pick one that has a combination of both. You can also consult a dermatologist for the same. However, make sure you are not using opposite ingredients in both the sunscreen and the moisturizer. This could affect your skin negatively.

Equally important during winters is to dress well. Do not forget to wear your gloves. You have to protect your hands from the harsh winter air. Cover your body as much as possible. Try and dress in layers. You can remove the clothing as and when required so as to prevent overheating.

You need to take as much care of your skin summer as much as you do in winter. A little carelessness can lead to problems of dry skin.

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Treating Dry Skin

Posted by Dry Skin Treatment on Oct 11, 2010

If you have extremely dry skin and are unable to find a solution to solve this skin related problem, rest assured. There are many more like you facing the same problem and thinking about it in the same way. Dry skin can be treated in a number of ways. You can either get your skin thoroughly tested and analyzed at a skin clinic. Most skin clinics offer a combination of herbal or natural treatment and artificial treatment.

Many people prefer to consult a dermatologist in order to deal with their dry skin problem. Most dermatologists prescribe antibiotics and other forms of artificial treatments. You are especially advised to concentrate on your diet. A series of light yet effective exercises is also recommended.

The visits to a skin clinic or a dermatologist may last depending on how grave your skin problem really is. Most of the times, it is handled in a matter of weeks. Sometimes it can extend to a period of four to six months.

If you think that your dry skin problem is not that severe and you are a person who prefers natural cures to artificial solutions, the best thing for you to do is make facial masks using inexpensive food items found in your refrigerator basket. You can even try different combinations of these various products.

The main advantage of using natural solutions is they do not have any secondary or side effects very much unlike the commercial treatments which can prove to be extremely harsh on your body. Another advantage of natural cures is they are inexpensive and saves you the trips to a dermatologist or a skin clinic while providing you with similar solutions.

The only disadvantage of using a natural treatment process is the time required for the cure. Commercial treatments with all the artificial means to eradicate your dry skin problem give you instant results. While on the other hand, natural solutions require a lot of time to show actual results. This is not to deny the fact that they even last longer. The gain of natural cures is much more in the long term. Thus it is an effective preventive cure for dry skin.

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Soap for Dry Skin

Posted by Dry Skin Treatment on Oct 1, 2010

The soaps and body washes available in the market can rob the skin of its natural oils and moisture. Very often people are not very prudent and careful about the choice of their soaps. They fail to realize that certain soaps can prove to be extremely detrimental to the skin.

Lucky for us, there are soaps and body washes that contain a certain amount of moisturizing cream in them. These can be very good for the skin not only for immediate results but in the long run as well.

Soaps for dry skin may contain drops of Vitamin E and D as well. Other essentials like sodium and potassium are also included in the soap.

Using mild soap with high water content can be useful for the skin as well. While using soaps you should bear in mind a few essential things:

Firstly, avoid using soap too often on the skin especially the face. During summers, there is a tendency to keep washing the face ever so often. Try and avoid that. Use soap only once a day mostly during a bath. At other times, try using a facial cleanser or a face wash.

Many a time people use soap ever so often because they have dry skin. And soap greatly perpetuates dry skin. Thus it is a vicious circle wherein you are tempted to keep using soap on your face very frequently.

Mild soaps are a safe option. You can use a mild soap more frequently than a harsh one. However, it is advisable to limit the usage to two or three washes.

It is claimed that body washes are a safer alternative to soaps. Although this is not entirely true, you cannot deny the fact that body washes are much milder than soaps mostly because they have a watery base.

Soaps have been around for years now and there is no doubt that they are going to stick around for some more time. You need to be sure if the soap you are using is dermatologically tested and recommended only then purchase it.  It is better to be safe than sorry.

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Dry Skin Products

Posted by Dry Skin Treatment on Sep 21, 2010

If we are to list the range of dry skin products available in the market today, the list will contain dry skin creams, dry skin scrubs, facial packs, face washes, dry skin oils etc. Today, we even have a range of products for different parts of the body like hands, feet and eyes. This makes our search for the product even more specialized.

Today, the market is flooded with a variety of beauty products each one competing with one another, claiming to produce better results and banking on the ever rising heat or the chilly winters. Under such a scenario, it is not surprising that a customer is faced with number of choices and is very confused as to what to choose and what would be the best option for him or her. Many products today claim to provide a healthy combination of natural extracts and artificial ingredients to give a more wholesome feel and look.

If you are looking for a product you need to be sure of your skin type. By and large the commercial skin products cater to three types of skin – namely the normal, the dry skin and the oily skin. Once you know your skin type, half of your problem is solved as you know what to need to pick. Following this, try and make a choice between artificial dry skin cream, scrub etc or a natural or herbal solution. Many skin products offer a healthy combination of the two as well. Check the contents or the ingredients of the product you are aiming to purchase. Check for glycerin and retinoid in case of artificial products. And if you are picking an herbal or natural one, look for a good content of egg yolk and lemon juice or rose water in the product. Make sure you read the ingredient label well. See what substance you are allergic to and avoid that product. There are a number of people who are allergic to milk and milk products. Thus, avoid the skin creams or scrubs that contain milk in them.

The cost of the product varies according to the company you purchase it from. Pick one that suites your pocket best.

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Dry Skin Problems

Posted by Dry Skin Treatment on Sep 11, 2010

A lot of people today are experiencing severe skin problems due to the harshness of the climate, the increase in pollution and stress and lack of nutritious healthy food. All these factors can lead to severe damage and deterioration of the skin. Dry skin problems need to be addressed at the earliest before matters get worse and you develop a skin disease or something of that sort.

The oil glands in the normal skin provide moisture to the skin thereby keeping it supple and smooth. They help to keep the moisture within the layer of the skin. When the topmost layer loses all its moisturizing agents and water retention as well, it tends to become dry and lose elasticity.

You know you have dry skin when:

  • You see red patches over it.
  • There is a tightening sensation
  • It has cracks and is flaky and scaly
  • Its pores are invisible

These signs are mainly observed on the knees, fingers and elbows. There is a lot of space for dirt, bacteria and other chemicals to seep into the skin and further aggravate the problem.

Some of the dry skin problems caused by use of heavy make up and use of strong soaps can be dealt with when one stops using these substances. Others are likely to cause permanent damage to the skin. Many a times, the problem of dry skin is due to genetic factors and runs across from generation to generation. In such a case where you are well aware that you are likely to face a dry skin problem, you need to make sure you take in the right kind of preventive measures. Focusing on your diet is the most important thing in this direction. You need to drink a lot of water as well to improve the blood circulation in the body. Use a humidifier in case you are living in an overheated apartment. Avoid extreme temperatures at all costs. It takes time for the skin to accustom itself to its surrounding conditions.

Understand the texture and nature of your skin and treat it with care and respect.

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Dry Skin Patches

Posted by Dry Skin Treatment on Sep 1, 2010

A common problem amongst the wide range of people, dry skin can affect a person in summers or winters. If left untreated it can lead to patches and wrinkles on the skin and further cause skin diseases in the future. Dry skin patches can be most pronounced on the face, elbows and knees. However, the patches on the face can be extremely discomforting and embarrassing. Dry skin patches can cause severe itching and the rubbing of this area further aggravates the problem. It may even lead to infections and other skin problems. These dry patches along with dehydration and chemical use can also be caused due to the side effects of certain types of medicines and changes in hormones during pregnancy. Certain illnesses may also be responsible for flaky and patchy skin.

A condition called Seborrhoeic Dermatitis affects the face and scalp resulting in scaly, red, and patchy skin. It is mainly caused due to the lack of Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B2. It can be treated using medicines prescribed by a dermatologist.

Many a times, dry skin patches are a result of allergic reaction to a number of chemicals in products etc. These products need not necessarily be a skin product. It could be something like jewelry especially imitation jewelry and certain types of perfumes. Along with patches one can also develop blisters, rashes and a strong burning sensation.

Dry patchy skin is also a result of aging. As we age, the collagen in the skin and the elastic is lost. This can lead to a number of skin imperfections, one of them being patches.

Body washes and soaps can also lead to patches on the skin depending on the chemical content in them. Some soap can cause allergies or can severely rob the skin of the natural moisture and oils. Use of moisturizing soaps can be very beneficial to the skin and can prevent patches. However, it is advisable to use facial cleanser or face wash on the face rather than any kind of soap.

Thus there are a number of reasons for dry skin patches which are avoidable and therefore should be prevented.

Dry Skin on Hands

Posted by Dry Skin Treatment on Aug 21, 2010

Our hands are probably the most used parts of the body right from the time we wake up until we go to bed at night. Throughout the day, your hands come into contact with a variety of objects that could cause infections and settling of bacteria. Hands are as equally exposed to the hazards of environmental conditions as are other parts. Thus, timely care of hands also needs to be taken.

One of the ways to care for your hands include: taking 2 to 3 cups of buttermilk and heating it to the lukewarm state. Then you can soak your hands in it for about 20 minutes. Immediately thereafter, apply a few drops of Vitamin E on your hands. Following that, apply a generous amount of petroleum jelly on it. Wrap your hands in a cotton cloth or gloves. Keep it until the morning when you can remove the gloves or cloth and rinse your hands.

Always make sure when you apply sunscreen you apply it generously to your hands as well. The tanning and drying of the skin on the hands is very fast because it is most exposed and most neglected part of the body. You may have noticed how your skin around the wrist (if you wear a watch) or upper half of the arm (if you wear half sleeved clothes) is remarkably different form the exposed areas of the hands.

Make sure you do not ignore your fingers. A good manicure once a week helps to take care of your hands really well. But this does not mean you should not care the other days. The area around the fingernails tends to get dark very easily. This is the region that is the driest as well. The back of your hand deserves special attention. Massage it well and try and keep it covered especially during winters. Summers evidently deprive you of that opportunity but a healthy load of sunscreen frequently during the day should be just fine.

The palm can get extremely chappy during the winters. Make sure you apply enough winter care lotion. Avoid trying to peel the dry skin out with your hand. It could result in the peeling of the good skin as well.

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Dry Skin on Face

Posted by Dry Skin Treatment on Aug 11, 2010

Dry Skin on face is different from the dry skin on the remaining parts of the body precisely because the skin on the face is more sensitive and is more likely to be subjected to environmental and other conditions. A number of products dealing with dry skin mainly target the facial and neck area. The three types of skin –normal, oily and dry take over at periodic moments depending on the climate and other environmental conditions.

While dealing with dry skin on the face, one has to bear in mind that different parts of the face need specialized attention depending on how sensitive they are to the external factors. In the light of this, the apt examples undoubtedly are the area around the nose and the edges of the mouth, the cheeks and the area under the eyes, the chin and the forehead.

Dry skin on the cheek is mainly in the form of rough, harsh skin with open pores. The extremities of weather, like too much sun and too much cold affect this area severely. Most of the lotions take into account how severely this area is likely to be affected and then form the strength of the contents of the lotion.

Dry skin under the eyes needs to be taken extreme care of because the skin under the eye is extremely sensitive. Any harsh chemical substance can damage this area very easily. Even ice is not recommended to be applied directly on it. You need to wrap it in a towel and then apply on the eye. Thus, extremely mild lotion and only lukewarm water should be used to prevent any kind of damage to the eye. Many products write a cautionary note requesting the user not to use the product around the eye. You should take this note very seriously.

Dry skin on and around the nose opens up a hub for black and white heads. The itching and the scratching sensation are most pronounced in these areas. From here on, the bacteria for black heads spreads unto the cheeks as well. While washing or scrubbing your face, special attention should be given to these areas. Apply lotion particularly well in these areas.

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Dry Skin Natural Remedies

Posted by Dry Skin Treatment on Aug 1, 2010

Many people today have become very conscious and skeptical about the use of artificial lotions and moisturizers to tackle their dry skin problems. Some products are outright ineffective and some others may be detrimental to the skin in the long run. Under such circumstances, the reliance and preference for natural or home remedies to tackle dry skin problems is increasing. Given below are a few natural remedies that have been successfully used by many and are even found in artificial moisturizers.

  • Use of olive oil or almond oil to massage your face and body right before you go to bed can work wonders for your skin.
  • Always make sure your liquid intake in general and water intake in particular is high.
  • Use only lukewarm water to bathe and wash your face even in winters as warm water perpetuates dry skin.
  • A mashed banana applied to your face and neck every morning for 10 to 15 minutes is also very helpful to get rid of dry skin.
  • Rose water and lime juice are very good for dry skin. Sprinkle it on your face and leave it for sometime. Wipe it of with a clean towel. It is the most inexpensive treatment to dry skin.
  • Castor Oil and avocado oil can be used on the feet as the skin here is harder and different from that on the face.
  • Have a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamins and Minerals as it increases blood circulation and provides the much required nourishment to the skin.
  • Do light exercises on a regular basis. Do not stress yourself out a lot. Avoid sleeping late or eating junk food or consuming alcohol and caffeine disproportionately.
  • You can also add lavender oil to your bath water. Occasionally you can try a milk bath as well.
  • Mixing unpastuerized milk with mustard and applying it on the face for about 25 minutes or so is a real miracle worker.

Egg yolk is also really good for your face. You can simply apply it over your face and wash it off. You can even mix with rose water and lime or orange juice to form a paste and keep it on the face for sometime.

Dry Skin Lotions

Posted by Dry Skin Treatment on Jul 21, 2010

If you have really dry skin and you feel extremely concerned about it, you are likely to visit a store full of beauty products to hunt for the best dry skin lotion to relieve you of the problem of dry skin. It is important to note that many a times some beauty products or make up that you use causes the natural moisture of the skin to lose itself. Most of the moisturizing lotions available in the market solely attempt to replace this natural moisture with artificial moisture which wears off very easily. In fact when you stop using these artificial moisture laden lotions, you will experience your skin drier than before.

The artificial moisture laden lotions tend to suppress the production of natural moisture as well, thus leaving the skin drier than before. Moreover, these lotions applied on the surface barely reach the second and the third layer of skin where the natural moisture actively dwells.

All this points in only one direction: in order to prevent dryness of the skin you need to produce more natural moisture. This can be successfully accomplished by many products that have a high content of Aloe Vera or Olive oil in them. These lotions have worked notably to combat dry skin problems. Moreover, a sort of shielding lotion is also gaining popularity these days. A shielding lotion attempts to bond with the topmost layer of the skin to prevent the perpetrators of dry skin to come in contact with the skin. Thus, by taking care of the irritants, it gives space for the natural moisture to produce and keep the skin moisturized and hydrated.

This is a newly discovered technique but it is gaining popularity because it seems to have worked effectively on a large number of people.

You cannot avoid the situations that can cause the perpetrators of dry skin to express them. But it is possible to fight these perpetrators effectively because of the shielding lotion.

The market is loaded with conventional lotions who claim to be better than one another. You need to realize that these are not good for the skin in the long run.

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